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I get it – Change Can be Hard!

I have been where you are. I know what it is to wonder where you fit in your life. I know what it is to deeply desire change. I’ve been there. I found my way out – and I am ready to guide you in finding your way out, too. Together we can make changing easy!

We know that we must heal the past in order to live in the present. Just like a physical injury which leaves a physical scar, so do past emotional injuries leave scars. These scars show up as anger, fear, phobias, defense mechanisms (triggers) and so much more. Let’s work on the past to create the today that you desire.

Let’s consider the following questions:

  • Are you a woman who has hidden her deepest desires?
  • Have you gone through life doing what you “need” to do while neglecting your heart’s longings for something different?
  • Do you tend to say “yes,” when you really want to say “no?”
  • Are you tired of playing the role of “victim”?
  • Is covering up your feelings and emotions something you “just do?”
  • How critical of yourself are you?
  • Do you tend to give more than you receive?
  • Do you feel as if your spiritual core is not being fulfilled or is even being ignored?
  • Do you feel more like a human “doing” rather than a human “being?”
  • Have you ever looked around and asked, “Where do I fit in this picture?”

If you responded yes to one or more of these questions then you probably are experiencing a “disconnect” between your life and your dreams and visions. Perhaps you are ready to change habits and mindsets that no longer serve you. You are ready to change at your CORE!

Are you ready to “reconnect?” Are you ready to be in charge of your own life and where it is going? Wonderful!

My specialty is guiding women into deeper more meaningful shifts in their life, in their thinking, in their core and to relieve the pain of the past.

I am grateful to have experienced extraordinary results in my life through both coaching and hypnotherapy and I appreciate the opportunity to pay it forward! The journey begins now – welcome aboard!

“I will be forever grateful that I took the leap of faith and worked with such a caring, compassionate and skilled professional coach. Judith Auslander is simply awesome!” -Liz Vachon (Homemaker and budding solopreneur)

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