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Wise Heart is dedicated to helping you live the life you desire and deserve. Yes, we all deserve to live a happy life filled with joy, happiness, love and fulfillment.

In order to help you accomplish your fulfilled life, we offer:

Life Coaching
You will find coaching to be the most rewarding and amazing experience. Issues you have been struggling with for years will quickly melt away, and you will start taking proactive charge of your life. Meaningful and powerful transformations (read more)

Relationship Coaching
A relationship is when two or more people work at getting along. A difficult relationship may be between (read more)

Coaching Women
I coach unique women between 45 & 75 who desire change – to get “unstuck.” You are a woman who has (read more)

Solopreneur Coaching
Like you, I am a female solopreneur, so I understand the many difficulties which come with starting and running (read more)

Goal Setting
I invite you to close your eyes for a few seconds and picture your Hopes, Dreams, and Wishes. Do they lie dozing (read more)

Core Value Index
As a goal-setting wisdom coach, I love to recommend the Core Value Index as a wonderful tool to help you start achieving your goals. In fact, each new client receives the full Core Value Index (read more)

Heart Centered Hypnosis
Imagine yourself in the most perfect relaxed state. You can hear the birds singing, the breeze blowing, the fire crackling, and all the sounds of life outside of yourself. Now imagine yourself in such a relaxed state that you are able to dig deeper (read more)

Weight Management
Since 1988 the TRIM-LIFE® Program has successfully helped countless men and women to take control of their negative eating habits. It is specifically designed for those who have tried many diet programs (read more)

The Third Act
As a Boomer, it took me a while to realize that the third act of life is really the best. Like many, I kept focusing on the negative signs of aging (read more)

If you have any questions – or just want to talk to me first – please contact me and let’s see if Coaching and/or Hypnosis is for you.

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