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Unpredictable health flair-up’s

Chronic health issues – especially when the symptom flare-ups are unpredictable – can really disrupt your life. It is made worse if you have a family to take care of, a job that you must attend to, and just daily living chores. I get it.

Why do I “get it?” My story!

I have lived with an unpredictable illness for 41 years and I have nearly died so many times, that I have actually lost count. If I am a cat – humm, not sure how many more lives I have left.

I actually have a few… Continue reading

It’s all YOUR Fault!

Yup! That’s what we say – a lot! We are masters at blaming others for our headache, bumped knee, lack of exercise, or eating chocolate. We blame everyone for everything – no matter how silly the blaming may be.

We are late for an appointment – it’s all the fault of the construction they HAVE to do during the busiest hours of the day.

“Dinner is late because …….”

“I would have been here on time but ……”

“I have a headache because …..”

And of course we can all relate to “The dog ate my homework.”

In the blame… Continue reading

Sometimes I am a Biatch!

Recently, I have had to face a few things in my life that have made me angry, created necessary changing of plans, and all in all, asked me to be more flexible then I wanted to be.

All of this change had made me feel – well – pissy! Do you ever feel pissy? When she comes out, I usually wish I could eliminate her. She is not the nicest of people – mostly because she doesn’t feel very nice. The “pissy” me is short with people (beyond my normal height challenges) and has an unpleasant face and can be… Continue reading

I’m Talking To Myself Again – Am I Crazy?

Do you find yourself talking to yourself? Do you find yourself questioning your sanity? I heard once that you are only crazy if you actually answer yourself. Well, maybe we aren’t crazy – in fact – maybe self-talk is what keeps us sane!

MediaBakery_IMZ0014821My May/June edition of Psychology Today actually had an article about Self-Talk, The Voice of Reason. I’ll buy that just on the title – I always knew I was more reasonable than others – my logic always worked for me. Right? As it turns out – yes, you do have the best advice for yourself –… Continue reading

Don’t Fart in Public!

Don’t fart in public!Why?Because it goes against our social norms. As social beings, we follow a list of prescribed social norms for the society we live in. I would love to find society where farting, picking my nose, and burping in public were all socially acceptable. However, because I live where I do, I work very hard at being normal.When we fart or burp, we may blush with embarrassment.What happens when we fail? Generally, we feel shame. Fart in public, and you probably feel shame (maybe run down the other aisle in the store leaving your offense behind you.) We immediately try to do something that will bring us back to appropriate behavior. We want to remain a part of our tribe. Continue reading

Anger – Constructive or Destructive?

According to The Secret Language of Feelings – (TSLF) by Cal Banyan founder of 5-Path Hypnosis, anger is the feeling (or fear) that something is unfair.You can almost see that little child inside you stomping his/her little foot (maybe with hands on hips – that was my style) and saying, “That’s not fair!”However, at a very young age, most of us are told to stop showing our anger – it wasn’t civilized or grown up to show your anger. In fact, in many cases, it was taboo – a big no-no. And we very much wanted to be grown up, so we held our anger in like good little boys and girls. The problem is that we often are not taught how to constructively deal with our anger. And not dealing with our anger can be very destructive.In my last blog I stated that ALL feelings are good – so then am I saying that anger is good? Continue reading

The Myth of Happiness

We are all supposed to be happy – right? It is even written in the Constitution of the United States of America that we are guaranteed “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” So, what happens if we aren’t “happy?” Is there something wrong with us?In fact, we are so geared into the fact (or is it fantasy) that we are supposed to be happy, that we take pills to make us not feel our feelings and instead feel happy. Some of us call them our “happy pills!”I am calling happiness – and the pursuit of it – a myth. And the reason is that, in my opinion, we will never be truly happy under the conditions we set for what happiness entails. Continue reading

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Yoda

How much do you suffer from held anger and hate? How much do those feelings lead your life?I have discovered that many of my clients suffer from an unlived life or a partial life due to long held anger toward someone who may not even part of their life any longer. Common sense would tell us to let go of useless anger. But what we tell ourselves in our logical mind does not always pass through to our subconscious, which tends to hold on to anger, fear, and hate year after year after year.So, how does one get over this – let go for real? Continue reading

2 Ways to Avoid Extra Pounds

FEELINGS! IT'S ALL ABOUT FEELINGS!Feelings – we all have them. But do we really know what we are feeling? Most of the time we are clueless as to what we are feeling.Let’s take for example hunger. We are watching TV and suddenly we will get the munchies. Something in us tells us we really want to eat something.You know how this works. You walk into the kitchen and start looking through the refrigerator, the cupboards, and those places you stash the “bad” snacks. Sure there is food in all those places, but you are on the search for something – what is it? Continue reading
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